Dammit Comics!

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The Great Dictator

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Words #1

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Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of th...

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‎”I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)
16th President of the United States

About Woman :P

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It’s been a while since I posted something here. I had certain things in consideration but wasn’t able to put them into words (reasons: probably none of your business ). Anyway just came across a post on my neighbor blog which I thought was a brilliant expression of what I too wanted to say. So here it is:


PS:  AND thanks for header credit. Although quite unnecessary, still thought I should say an official thank you on my blog, Deval.  🙂


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A decision, suppose taken at a particular time and under certain circumstances, is considered to be the best possible one but as time passes it doesn’t turns out to be as yielding as you thought, so does this  mean the decision was wrongly taken in the first place? You regret but that’s a natural response, isn’t it? We all expect and get disappointed now and again. But won’t regretting that that decision was wrong which obviously wasn’t at the time when it was taken be actually wrong because it wasn’t a wrong decision at all when you took it?

Wait, I need to define what is ‘the right decision’? I could either call the best possible choice a right decision which could either give positive or negative results or should I call whatever choice gave me the best results the right decision because I’ve already got what I wanted? Obviously we all are looking for results, good ones of course so it’s the latter then? In that case if I made the best possible choice which didn’t give me the right results means I made a wrong decision but that’s not true. How do I know if I made the other choice I would have got the desired result? That’s because now as the outcome is visible and seems not so approving, I’m assuming the other choice would have given the opposite results but what if we are in a situation when both the choices you think lead to the same result, which one would you choose then?

Anyway, being disappointed because you didn’t take the right decision would mean you weren’t much confident at all with it back then and now you know why. However, being disappointed why things didn’t turn out the way you thought, THAT would be right I think. You could either be disappointed on yourself and be a wuss or you could be disappointed with the happenings or you could be disappointed with both. Anyway we all take decisions or make choices thinking of having all the possible factors in consideration but that’s virtually impossible so there’s always room for worst case scenario even if you think you are most precautious, right? So all that can be concluded is whatever decision or choice you make after contemplating, you should stand by it whatsoever or at least have yourself practiced enough of rationality that when you sleep, you sleep with a clear conscience.

Having that said here’s a motivating quote:

“Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man. “ – Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Useless Rants of a Pseudo-philosophical Mind

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Is it really possible to do the impossible?

Well, by definition impossible can never be possible because if it were possible that way it won’t be impossible at all but if I say impossible is merely the raw form of something in the time frame where we don’t possess the tools to harness it; in that case impossible is possible, isn’t it? No wonder they say, impossible is nothing but that they say figuratively or to encourage but then again what if we never ever have those tools/means to make impossible possible? In this case I would be assuming some particular time frame and also assuming that this time had a beginning and then will have an end but does time have a beginning or an end?

Only if I assume time to be endless then can I assume to make something impossible possible. In other words if I think something is impossible that’s probably because I don’t know how to make it possible, not because I can’t or not because it isn’t? And only if I do something impossible that’s only because it was possible in the first place, only that I was oblivious but what about miracles which are any series of occurrence(s) which are statistically impossible and could only occur by supernatural means? And what about coincidences; are there any? Maybe there are. And what about luck? Only if I can’t explain some series of event, is it because I was actually lucky? People believe in lucky charms, lucky underwear and what not? The best I could explain is certain things and certain environment makes us feel more comfortable or confident which as a result in most cases enhances our performance and in that way every human being has lucky charms but in fact they aren’t what we think they are. They probably are what we want to think they are; lucky charms or unseen help or may be some mythical force. So do we really need luck? That could be explained by the fact that at a certain point the human mind can’t take any more of those responsibilities as everyone has a breaking point and hence we need some way to vent out our inner insecurities and feelings or it could be simply poor reasoning. We often say best of luck and good luck. Probably because In fact we are being nice or trying to do something good but why does a man do ‘good’? For a reward maybe in this life or the afterlife if he believes in one or because he feels good while doing good or in other words finds HIS happiness in the happiness of other. So there you go it was always about HIM. No one does any act for ‘nothing’. There’s always always a reason.

But how could one admit that a particular good act for the people always involves selfishness. In some acts the extent/amount of this selfishness is minimum and hence could be over-looked as on the bigger picture from one person’s selfishness many other people are probably benefiting more so we don’t say THAT person to be selfish. We say he isn’t, only because we only see the bigger picture which happens to be very attractive so does this mean there aren’t any pure selfless acts? I just fail to comprehend the idea that we are ‘completely’ selfless or ‘completely’ selfish beings? So what are we then? Urrgrhrh! I think I need some chocolate now.


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HE is there standing, his bloodthirsty eyes ogling my existence as if they’d consume me in a glimpse and I, here on the bench, not so far away  staring his lips move while he tries to yap all the BULLSHIT he can come up with, as he approaches me.

Last night we had a ‘situation’; one that’s not-so-approving, of course.

AND I know; it’s merely the outcome of the flames that are smoldering him within till now, as he struggles to vent out the intensifying heat that’s blackening his frail inside, so I’d LOVE to be helpful. XD

I listen.

‘… you’re such a DESPO…$%^@… in hopes to be accepted by the society you oh-so despise.’

HE knows that I often despise this society as he is a friend but he doesn’t know one thing. Love and hatred go along all the way, at some moment the hatred takes over whilst at other it is love that is rekindling hope and eventually making everything more and more desirable.

The profane recital continues. And I listen.

‘Bloody hypocrite, nothing better, nothing worse…. #$%^$…. always trying to break the rules you yourself set up… ’

Moments pass and it doesn’t come as a surprise as he chants about the hypocrisy of anyone or even me; for as humans are, in any other matter, he is too merely but one of them. AND as for the broken rules he speaks of, they were negotiable and amendable; and perhaps that’s what has been done since the very beginning everywhere. That’s what I tried to do but no, the rude talk continues and he’s getting irritating now.

BUT I listen and keep on listening until…

‘Now bend over and suck my…’

A Moment of silence and I had decided.

’Your $is%&….’

That’s it!!! I could feel his sweaty cheeks and their warmth as my fist clubbed his putrid face and I stood there watching him fall to the ground in slow motion savoring the moment. Adrenaline!


Imagination; do anything and get away with it.

I hate him now and he hates me even more, the feeling is mutual. I might not be able to forgive him. He might not be able to let go the hatred; doesn’t matter anymore.

Maybe people don’t mean the things they say when they are angry and should be forgiven for they don’t but then again there’s a thing called patience. Should I or should I not forgive? I’ve pondered and found that perhaps both are fine.

We all make mistakes.

Note: If ‘you’ read this then don’t take it the wrong way, seriously. This is an old post.